Cleanse once at the end of the day, to remove pollution & makeup built up from that day. Use a cream, oil or lotion cleanser. Oil cleansers are great at helping to dissolve stubborn makeup. Skin soaking is more than adequate to cleanse the skin in the morning, followed by your moisturising routine.

We avoid foaming cleansers (including the 'gentle' and 'low foam' cleansers) as they strip the skin. Foaming cleansers, soaps and anti-septic washes generally have a pH of around 8-10. This is too alkaline for the skin! Many people choose a foaming or ‘purifying’ cleanser for acne or oily skin. Please don’t! Instead, learn why & how to care for your oily skin to get rid of acne and excess oil. 

Our Janesce Rose Cleanser is pH balanced for the skin, supporting your skin barrier function. Yes, we still need to cleanse our skins – but gently! 


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