Soul care is each of the beautiful rituals that support your skin, health and wellness over your lifetime. From skin care to soul care; it’s the walk on the beach, the toes in the sand, the deep breathing of fresh New Zealand air. It’s the time you put into loving yourself. Your WHOLE self.

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  • Affirmation Cards

    Affirmation cards are a fantastic source of empowerment and positive focus when you're needing a mindset reset or need pulling out of a funk.

    An affirmation is a statement of intent, it's a way of affirming something to be true, as if it already is. 

    When either read aloud or recited silently in your mind, they encourage a positive shift in mood, energy, and intention. And in the realm of mental wellness, this can be a hugely helpful tool for those who are stuck in rut, feeling down, or feeling like they’re not living their best life. 

  • Books & Journals

    We invite you to become aware of the many gifts that surround you. Begin a daily ritual of remembering and recording your blessings in your journal.

    We encourage soul-care in the form of cultivating a daily gratitude practice. Looking for the good, the lovely and the silver-linings in life creates an inner environment that nurtures physical health and wellness.

    A practice of gratitude helps to move your body into the parasympathetic nervous system mode which is all about healing, rest, repair and restoration.

  • Crystals & Gemstones

    For centuries, crystals have been used in homes to ward off negative feelings, encourage prosperity, improve sleep and create harmony. Even the most common crystals on the market work on a vibrational level and have the ability to heal, protect and transmute energy.

    The idea is that crystals interact with the body's energy field, creating balance and alignment. Many people use crystals for stress and focus, while others believe that crystals have the power to heal physical ailments and illnesses.

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